The Last Thread

Accused of pushing a boy to his death, DCI Doug Stirling is suspended from duty.

Attacked in the media and haunted by the boy’s smile as he let go of Stirling’s hand, he must watch powerlessly as the incompetent and vengeful Ballard investigates the boy’s death, intent on wrecking Stirling’s career.

Weeks later, an anonymous call leads the police to a remote location and a burnt-out car. Inside is the body of a savagely murdered man, but who is he? ACC Steph Tanner takes a professional risk and appoints Stirling to lead the investigation, throwing him the lifeline he needs to restore his reputation.

With no witnesses, no forensic evidence, and more theories than investigators, Stirling’s investigation has too many loose threads as he uncovers a complex, interwoven history of deception, betrayal, and sadistic relationships. Is the murder as complex as it appears, or is there a simpler explanation? Is the boy’s death linked?

Things are difficult enough when DC Helen Williams joins the investigation, determined to rekindle their past relationship. And is Ayesha, the beautiful lawyer Stirling has grown close to, somehow connected to the murder?

Tormented by the boy’s death and with time the enemy, can Stirling bring the killer, or killers, to justice before Ballard destroys him?

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