Cover of The Last Thread by Ray Britain
Cover of The Last Thread by Ray Britain

Reviews for The Last Thread

5* “Excellent book!” – Goodreads (MH)

Excellent book. My first proper book in a long time. It’s given me an appetite to start reading again. Just love murder mysteries especially crime ones. I really Hope for a book two.

5* “Great story … highly recommend this book.” – Amazon

Lots of twists and turns in this story, a compelling read. Great story and an interesting insight into how a crime investigation is carried out. Highly recommend this book.

5* “Great twists and turns … really enjoyed it and would highly recommend.” – Amazon

The book is very gritty and kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Great twists and turns.

5* “Authentic, dark and compelling.” – What Cathy Read Next (Top 1000 Amazon reviewer)

If you’re a fan of crime fiction and police procedurals in particular, I think you will love The Last Thread … the dramatic events of the prologue immediately pull the reader into the story. … an accomplished debut novel.

5* “Hooked from start to finish!” – Anne B, Amazon

What a fantastic read! I was hooked from the minute I started to read it and couldn’t put it down until I found out what happened. Amazing story line which was engaging and entertainment throughout. The characters were vibrant and interesting. Superb – more of the same please!

5* “Compelling, read over a weekend!” – Mark G

Great story based on experience. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, the usual twists and turns of a “who done it” but written from a professional’s experience … (gives) insight into how complex and pressurised the role of detection can be … compelling … read in one shot over a weekend!

5* “You will not regret downloading this rewarding material” – PRG

Ray Britain’s debut novel has much to commend it. The generous length, sustained action, and subtle interplay of characters’ words and gestures combine to make it a satisfying read … a keen intelligence at work and a refusal to let focus drift or to introduce padding .. crisp and engaging prose, with convincing character portraits, a soupçon of sex and no absence of tension. You will not regret downloading this rewarding material.

5* “A page turner” – Annette Amazon

A page turner which draws you in from the start … I would certainly recommend The Last Thread to those who like a well written, gripping detective novel.

5* “Excellent!” – EG Amazon

Excellent, a thoroughly gripping read. Eagerly looking forward to the next book by this author.

5* “Highly recommended!” – Kate, The Quiet Knitter Blog

The Last Thread is a remarkable debut novel, with a superb plot and some fantastic characters. There are so many strands to the plot of this novel that I feel that I should take a moment to appreciate how complex it is, but at the same time, how exceptionally interesting and thrilling a read it is. Doug Stirling is a fantastic character that I hope to see more of in the future! A brilliant crime thriller with realistic police procedural details – highly recommended!

5* “Outstanding!” – Elaine, Hybrid Nation Review

Ray has weaved an incredible story of betrayal, deceit and revenge. … The characters he’s created are multifaceted, with many perspectives to consider … The ending is mind-blowing! You think you know who the killer is … and you’re blindsided when the killer is revealed! This is Ray Britain’s debut book! I enjoyed his attention to detail, especially in police procedure; It helps the reader understand the process. I was shocked by the ending; I could not put it down! I just kept reading and reading! This is a SOLID THRILLER and I look forward to a sequel (I hope!). OUTSTANDING!!

5* “Superb … written from experience” – Joe O’Brien Amazon

The story itself is interesting and believable throughout with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing to the end. The manner in which office politics’ is dealt with and the problems of dealing with those who have been promoted beyond their skills/experience level and capabilities is superb … will await the next book with great anticipation.

5* “A well written, gripping detective novel” – Julia Amazon

This is a well written gripping detective novel. A good story line and a few twists in the plot to maintain interest. Some may find the graphic forensic descriptions a little gruesome but they are no more so than those seen on Silent Witness! I thoroughly enjoyed this debut book.

5* “An outstanding debut with an exceptional plot” – Cleopatra Loves Books (Amazon Top 1000 reviewer)

The Last Thread is an outstanding debut with an exceptional plot which is complex yet not so much so that I ever lost any of the threads, let alone the last one! … written by someone who has lived the life but can also tell a cracking good tale. The Last Thread was a great read, I’m delighted to note that the title implies that Doug Stirling will be returning, soon I hope, as a book written from someone who has lived the life but can also tell a cracking good tale is just what this crime lover needs.

5* “Brilliant … really drew me in to the story” – Donna’s Book Blog

The writing style was brilliant and really drew me in to the story … hard hitting and gritty at times … tough subjects are handled very well and boy did the story take me on a roller coaster of a ride!! I really do recommend this book … and no hesitation in giving the book a 5-star rating – I loved it!!

5* “Gripping story line … great debut” – LW Amazon

An exciting extremely well researched gripping story line. I really did not want to put this book down and the author’s clever prose made me fall for the protagonist … I can not wait for the next thrilling case. Great debut novel and I hope to read many more by this talented author.

5* “A cracking read” – DW Amazon

A cracking read with a great story-line. I loved the pace, the slow build to the main story as well as the side story around the emotional engagement of various characters.

5* “Drew me in from the first few pages …” – AM Amazon

It drew me in on the first few pages and I always had to get back (home) to pick up the story again. It is evident that so much of the depth in the story comes from personal experience and how the system works, with the main character having a personality that is deep but trustworthy.

5* “I didn’t want to stop” – Ruth Amazon

A thoughtful, fascinating story line that kept me engrossed from start to finish. Clever, insightful, realistic and true to life. I can honestly say that once I had started reading, I didn’t want to stop. Unlike lots of other books, the main characters seemed real and fallible (a nice alternative to the super heroes that know everything and can do everything on their own), these are the sort of people you can relate to and understand. If you like a good crime thriller and would like to know what it is like to be involved in a real life murder investigations, read this. I can’t wait for Ray’s next book.