Cover of The Last Thread by Ray Britain
Cover of Forgotten LiVes by Ray Britain

Reviews for Forgotten LiVes

“Chilling and powerful” ~ 5*

Forgotten Lives is chilling and powerful … has a complexity that eludes many mystery novels … asks important questions about justice versus vengeance ~ 5*

“A brilliant piece of crime fiction” ~ 5*

Forgotten Lives’ is a brilliant piece of crime fiction and a great way to kick off 2021 … a tightly plotted thriller with authentic characters … If you have one resolution this year it should be to read this book! ~ 5* @booksbybindu

“What a book!” ~5*

What a book! I was sucked in by the gripping plot, vivid characterisation, and exceptional detail. ~ 5* @bookswithacuppa

“Brilliantly well written!” ~ 5*

Brilliantly well written … a gripping thriller that is just spectacular. ~ 5*

“Wonderful use of language” ~ 5*

His wonderful use of language & quality of writing were so adept that I readily lost myself in this suspenseful story … time imperceptibly slipped away. ~ 5*

“A brilliant read” ~ 5*

I found the authors writing to be exceptional … completely realistic and clearly very knowledgeable. From literally the first few pages, I found myself completely taken in with the story line … the author writes with such brilliant descriptions. ~ 5*

“Had me gripped from the start!” ~ 5*

The prologue in this book was amazing! Had me gripped from the start … such a gripping and gritty read. I will definitely be reading more of the author’s work in the future. ~ 5* @mrsbookburney

“A full on cop thriller” ~ 5*

Vibrant characters, I enjoyed watching it unravel … with no loose ends. This is a full on cop thriller with so much happening from the word go. ~ 5* @BookStacys

“Absolutely cracking read!” ~ 5*

Absolutely cracking read, the pace never lets up and as more bodies turn up, the web gets more tangled and complicated, brilliantly delivered! ~ 5* @ramblingmads

“An absolute corker of a book!” ~ 5*

An absolute corker of a book! I’m now a big fan of #DCIStirling … I thought this book was absolutely fantastic! I highly recommend this book to you. @ReadsMikaela

“A solid 5* read”

A solid 5 star read … extremely well-written, it feels as authentic as it can be … in fact, most scenes in the book are perfect for TV adaption as the scenes are etched crystal clear for the reader. – 5* @rainnbooks